Non-Invasive Estrus Detection

Every year, millions of livestock are artificially inseminated by farmers. Artificial insemination (AI) allows quick and affordable breeding without the presence of a sire (male parent). However, for successful insemination, the female parent must be in Estrus.

Currently, farmers have no definite method of knowing when Estrus is occurring in their livestock, resulting in an AI success rate of less than 50%. Every year, American dairy farmers alone lose over $400 million as a result of incorrect Estrus detection and unsuccessful AI.

Estrus is also referred to as "in heat." This is because when in Estrus, the core temperature of the animal increases by at least 2°C. Realizing this, AccuTemp technology has been used to create the IN-HEAT sensor. Our new non-invasive IN-HEAT sensors are capable of detecting Estrus in livestock in real time. This allows farmers to perform AI much more easily and effectively.

From cows and pigs to horses and sheep, IN-HEAT is compatible with all kinds of livestock.

No more guessing! No more hoping!

Save both time and money with IN-HEAT!